Chiltern Blast Cleaning

Providing a range of services including grit and shot blasting, powder coating, and wet spray services.

Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire,

Operating from a facility spanning 3,000 square feet, Chiltern Blast Cleaning is perfectly equipped to manage large items up to 50 feet in length, in addition to accommodating high-volume production work of smaller components.

For a competitive quote on blast cleaning or surface coating services, feel free to call us now at 01442 832 262.

We cater to both industrial clients and the general public.

We specialize in the surface preparation of large items, including industrial scissor lifts, architectural metalwork, and car bodies. There are few jobs we would decline.

Grit Blasting

Our expertise extends to grit blasting metal components of nearly any size, utilizing Olivine, a naturally occurring, silica-free expendable material. This mild abrasive method is ideal for removing surface contaminants, light rust, edge burrs, and coatings from a wide range of metals, including aluminum, cast iron, and mild steel.

Shot Blasting

We operate a walk-in recirculating shot blast room that employs chilled iron grit, accommodating items up to 3m x 3m x 2.8m in size. Chilled iron grit is effective for quickly removing paint and contaminants compared to traditional grit blasting, but it produces a rougher surface finish and is not suitable for aluminum or softer metals. Additionally, due to its ferrous content, chilled iron grit is not appropriate for corrosion-sensitive items like engine parts or stainless steel.

Powder Coating

We provide a standard epoxy polyester powder coating service, with the option of a zinc-rich primer, for items up to 3.7m x 2.7m x 2.7m. This coating is suitable for a wide range of applications, including indoor settings like industrial units where oils and aggressive chemicals may be present. It’s also ideal for balustrading and other indoor architectural uses, as well as for outdoor applications, offering durability and protection in various environments.

Industrial Paint Spraying

Our industrial paint spraying services encompass air drying systems and stove enamelling, accommodating items of almost any size. We also offer specialized systems, including high-temperature and chemical-resistant coatings, tailored to meet specific durability and performance requirements.

Anti-Slip Flooring

Our specialist flooring services cater to items like gantry lifts, cherry picker baskets, and industrial platforms, where there’s a need for durable non-slip surfacing and/or noise deadening. Specifically, we offer Flowcrete, a wet pour two-pack epoxy liquid coating, and Polydeck, a pre-formed composite board that is secured in place with screws. These solutions are designed to enhance safety and functionality in industrial environments.

Chiltern Blast Cleaning
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