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Shot Blasting

We operate a walk in recirculating shot blast room using chilled iron grit suited for items upto 3m x 3m x 2.8m. Chilled iron grit tends to remove paint and contaminants quicker than grit blasting but leaves a harsher key and is not suitable for aluminium or softer metals. Chilled iron grit is also not suited to corrosion sensitive items such as engine parts or stainless steel because of its ferrous content.

Cleaning & Coating

Because of the aggresive surface deformation and the ferrous abrasive material used, items shot blasted require coating shortly after cleaning. Under certain conditions a holding primer can be applied which will provide adequate protection for a few weeks should you require surface treatment elsewhere.


Iron grit is good for removing paint, deburring, removing sand from castings, providing a sound key for painting, removing scale and after heat treatment.

Soda Blasting

We also offer soda blasting which is ideal for automotive applications and other applications that require a sensitive treatment, read more on our Soda Blasting Services.

Shot Blasting

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